My artwork is an expression of energy and its relation to emotion, designed for your enjoyment.

“My artwork is an expression of energy and its relation to emotion, designed for your enjoyment.”  – NY’09.  My artwork is sculpted from aluminum, copper, bronze and stainless steel.  I create conceptual movement and dimension by manipulating highlights and lowlights on the surface of metals.  This is achieved by creating many layers using various grinding, sanding and polishing techniques.  The vibrant reflectivity of the metal surface is then colored with transparent acrylic paints or patinas.  My coloring process utilizes the combination of natural formations of chemical and thermal patinas along with airbrushing.  Once the metal texture and colorizing is complete, I then neutralize the sculpture and apply a final high gloss UV resistant clear coat so that the artwork can be placed indoors or outside.

I am currently living in Cincinnati and working full time out of my metal studio. My work is exhibited at top fine art and craft shows across the United States. I have been commissioned to create large scale corporate sculptures for many fortune 500 companies and multiple government agencies including the DOE and DOD.  My work has been purchased for television shows on ABC, NBC, VH1, A&E, FYI and SYFY networks. Although the largest concentration can be found in the United States, I currently have collectors in over 40 countries, all 50 U.S. states with an extensive following in Australia as well.  I currently donate approximately 20 pieces of original artwork and a portion of my revenue each year to organizations including St. Jude’s, Homes for Our Troops, SPCA, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Junior Arthritis Foundation, Hospice and many other local organizations.